This website is a gift of love to you from churches of Christian Science Northeast Ohio whose mission is to share the healing Christ, as Jesus directed his followers to do.

When trauma seems to have so many lives in its grip, how can we respond in a way that heals, both individually and collectively?

Regardless of the tragic circumstances any of us may have endured, the spiritual perspective of reality gained through prayer is a promise of hope and healing for everyone.

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Praying for Ukraine

Many of us felt a foreboding this week as events in Eastern Europe unfolded. We began asking how we could possibly pray effectively for peace to prevail. There’s a yearning in so many hearts to feel the presence and power of God’s goodness and love, right where disaster looms.

Seeking this deeper understanding of God as divine Love, we wanted to join with you to address aggression and war. And Jeannie Ferber, a Christian Scientist with longstanding ties to the region, graciously agreed to share her spiritual insights in dealing with these pressing needs. Thank you for joining with Jeannie and us in praying for peace.

“God with us” all

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