Never Alone

Never Alone - How spiritual ideas work in us

Ideas directly from God companion us, bless us, heal us, and feel like home. They transform and impel our lives forward.

Simple ideas, about God’s nature and about our nature as expressions of God, stir something new in our consciousness. They work in us in ways that change our lives and our health for the better.  But how do we find these healing ideas consistently?  We’ll look at the teachings of Christ Jesus, our best and most practical example. And I’ll share how this approach has transformed lives, including a mother and her infant daughter who each experienced healing. With ideas from God working on our behalf this way, we discover that we’re never truly alone.

The local lecture sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chagrin Falls took place in September 2023

The local lecture has already taken place. A link to the speaker giving this talk in California is included below.